GamingSins: Everything Wrong With Mass Effect 3 (REDUX)


I’ve done it.

8 Months
Over 450+ hours of replaying the entire trilogy
917 total minutes of audio recording
618,584 total frames in the video
A video nearly 2 and a half hours long

And it is complete.

It is the game that started it all. The game that led me on this path to nitpick the flaws in video games. The game that is the reason for me being the cynical gamer I am today. And now, the definitive GamingSins video is here. I was originally gonna release this video back in August of 2018 to celebrate this channel’s 5 year anniversary. But boy, am I sure glad I waited to get it done right. It’s been quite a road. But hopefully, I can finally put this game behind me and move on to better things in life.


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