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The holidays are coming up, so that means people are going to be eating- a lot. And, maybe they’re be drinking. Sometimes getting drunk is the only way to tolerate the fam, right?

Southern Comfort has announced their new Drinking Pants. Genius!

The lounge pants have a hidden shot glass pocket and a reversible, all black “fancy pants” option, so if you drink too much and are out all night, you have some nice pants for the family meal.

Starting November 14th, they can be ordered at southerncomfort.com/drinkingpants.

Jason the Joo’s Top Jewish-themed gifts from Dave!

As you’ve probably heard, Dave has bought me some pretty funny gifts over the years. For some reason that I have yet to figure out, he really enjoys buying me items with a Jewish twist, specifically clothes.

Check out my top Jewish-themed gifts I’ve received from Dave below!


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