Did You Know These People Are Jewish?


What do the inventor of the mobile phone, the Barbie doll, Calvin Klein, and Starbucks have in common?


The following people were featured in this video:

Martin Cooper – inventor of the mobile phone
Bob Kahn – “Father of the Internet” (co-creator of TCP/IP)
Ralph Baer – inventor of the first video game console
Theodore Maiman – co-inventor of the laser
Dov Moran & Dan Harkabi – inventors of the USB stick
Bram Cohen – inventor of bitTorrent
Emile Berliner – inventor of the gramophone (and helicopter)
Calvin Klein
Kenneth Cole
Estee Lauder
Donna Karan
Ralph Lauren
Michael Kors
Harry Houdini – history’s most famous magician and illusionist
David Copperfield – “most successful entertainer in history”
David Blaine – magic revolutionary and multiple world record holder
Warner Brothers – founders of Warner Brothers Pictures
William Fox & Joseph Schenck – founders of 20th Century Fox
Adolph Zukor – founder of Paramount Pictures
Louis B. Mayer – founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Haim Saban – creator of Power Rangers
Ruth Handler – creator of the Barbie doll
Hassenfeld Brothers – founders of Hasbro
R.L. Stine – author of Goosebumps
Charles Lazarus – founder of Toys R Us
Leo Kahn & Thomas Stemberg – founders of Staples
Marcus Samuel – founder of Shell Oil
Albert Ballin – inventor of the cruise ship
Elie Metchnikoff – “Father of Immunology”
Paul Ehrlich – discoverer of cure for syphilis and first chemo drugs
Julius Fromm – inventor of the condom
Lise Meitner – “Mother of the Atom Bomb”
Emil Jellinek – founder of Mercedes
Isaac Carasso – founder of Danone
Burt Baskin & Irv Robbins – founders of Baskin Robbins
William Rosenberg – founder of Dunkin’s Donuts
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield – founders of Ben & Jerry’s
Howard Schultz – founder of Starbucks
Benjamin Disraeli – famed prime minister of the UK (1874-1880)
Leon Blum – beloved three-time prime minister of France
Ruth Dreifuss – president of Switzerland (1999)
Louis Brandeis – beloved US Supreme Court Justice
Haym Solomon – top financier of the American Revolution

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