Citifield Orthodox Jews Anti-Web Rally


Queens, NY – More than 50,000 ultra-Orthodox Jewish men plan are packed at this hour at Citi Field for a gathering on the dangers of the Internet, and organizers have also rented the nearby Arthur Ashe Stadium for the overflow crowd.

“It’s going to be inspiration and education about using technology responsibly in accordance with Jewish values,” said Eytan Kobre, a lawyer who is the spokesman for the event’s organizers.

Kobre said the rally’s purpose is not to ban the Internet but to learn how to harness it.

“There is a very significant downside to the Internet,” he said. “It does pose a challenge to us in various aspects of our lives.”

He cited online pornography and gambling as well as the risk of social media undermining “our ability to pray uninterruptedly, to focus and to concentrate.”


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