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It took 60 years for Robin Saget to write and publish a book but, once she did, the weight of a troubled childhood and years of attempting to heal lifted from her shoulders. However, it wasn’t just the ultimate goal that healed her — it was the journey.

Saget moved to Cañon City with her husband, Washington Barrow, in 2014 after 28 years as an elementary school teacher. The couple had vacationed in Fremont County in 2005 and, when the time came to retire, Cañon City beckoned to them and they headed the call.

They stayed with close friends Brian and Michelle Tate before settling down in their own home in October 2014 and have been happy in the area ever since.

“When we moved here in ’14, I nested for two years because I had retired and I didn’t know what to do with myself after the house was done,” Saget said. “And the Lord said to me, ‘It’s time to serve me by writing for me.’”

“Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: A Journey Out of Fear Into the Light” evolved from a 35-year collection of Saget’s personal journals, and after five years of writing, editing and working with a publisher, it was finally ready to enter the world.

“Most of my journals were just letting out my anger, ‘Why me?’” Saget said. “Not getting the answers yet but just being able to get it out of my heart and my soul and not looking for any answers. When I become quiet enough to hear, I started getting answers.”

Saget received her first, personal copy of her book on May 2 and the feeling was unlike any she’d ever felt before.

“I cried. My husband cried and my husband’s not a crier,” Saget said with a smile. “And then I said, “What now, Lord?’ and He said, “The money’s not yours.’”

A member of the Living Stone Calvary Chapel since 2018, Saget became aware of the church’s desire to build a school with the potential name of Living Stone Christian School. It didn’t take long for Saget to discover that is precisely where all of her royalty profits from her book should go.

“This is how the Lord healed me, how I became diligent enough to listen, to be quiet enough to hear Him and to serve Him through the way He answered my prayers,” Saget said.

Raised in a Jewish household with stringent requirements for children, Saget went through a lifelong “truth-seeking” journey. A quote from her book states, “When an adult’s lie becomes a child’s truth, where does that leave the child?”

Pastor Curtis Schockey and his wife, Chelly, of Living Stone Calvary Chapel took Saget under their wing and dedicated several hours every Tuesday morning to field her many thoughts and questions about the New Testament.

On Sept. 20, 2020, on the anniversary of her mother’s passing, their diligence paid off and Saget was baptized in the Arkansas River by Pastor Curtis and Pastor Sean Meagher.

Saget now considers herself a “completed Jew” and treasures, every day, the relationship she has with Jesus Christ.

“I know the name of my Messiah, my Lord, my Savior,” Saget smiled broadly. “The difference between the way I was and who I am now is Him because, without Him, I lived in despair and, with Him, I live in hope.”

‘Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: A Journey Out of Fear Into the Light’ is presented to readers with a simple formula–the issue at hand and the answer.

“And the answer is always Him,” Saget said.

Saget’s book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites and at Tailored West, located 502 Main St., Ste 3763.

Tailored West will hold a book signing for Saget’s work on July 1, beginning mid-afternoon.

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