Camp Mesorah: The Jewish Sports Camp


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Camp Mesorah
Video by Shmuel Hoffman

This is the last part of our 3-part series on why it’s important to rebrand your non-profit image. In PART I we discussed why branding is so important even for non-profits. In PART II I shared with you how you can dominate your market if you do your rebranding with a multi-part video campaign.

Our Stats First
Now you probably want to know first what the stats are at the moment, right? We are proud to announce that Camp Mesorah increased its early registration numbers over 34% compared to their last strongest year. To put it in perspective, they released two of our videos over the course of one month prior to early registration, and already have 110 more campers signed up for early registration than they did at the same time last year. This equals a revenue increase of over $700,000, which is exponentially more than they paid for the videos.
Not bad, eh?

Since this was ONLY early registration and we achieved already such unbelievable growth, I predict that by the end of their application period they will completely sell out, will have a waiting list, and will have to build more bunks and beds. This is what happened to Morasha, for whom we produced 10 videos a few years ago. They are still riding that wave of success, still have a long waiting list, and are still building new buildings to handle the influx.

But these numbers are only early registration numbers. I will keep you updated on the further progress.

Find Your Brand’s Voice & Distinction
Back to my promised PART III of this series on how to brand your organization.
In the first two parts of our campaign we branded Camp Mesorah as THE SPORTS CAMP. And the way we did it is that we produced one commercial video ad featuring its unbelievable specialty sports program, and in the second video commercial we addressed that only in Camp Mesorah do you get the EXTREME sports. This doesn’t mean other camps don’t provide extreme sports and activities as well. BUT they don’t advertise their camp as specializing in them, and therefore Camp Mesorah stands out.

The lesson to learn for your own brand: Don’t look for something new in your organization to tell people about. You have everything you need. You have a service, a product, an event. You just have to package it as something new and innovative for your audience. Look for things that your competition doesn’t use in their advertising and marketing even if they do the same things you offer. Like in our case here, every camp has sports, right? But none dares to get up and say: WE ARE THE JEWISH SPORTS CAMP.


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