BUKHARA: Synagogue & the Jewish Cemetery, One of the Oldest Jewish Communities ウズベキスタン ブハラのユダヤ人文化


Home to one of the world’s oldest and, in centuries past, biggest Jewish communities, Bukhara — a fabled city of ancient ruins and Islamic architectural treasures in central Uzbekistan — has a Muslim population of more than 270,000 people but, according to most estimates, only 100 to 150 Jews.
(“In Bukhara, 10,000 Jewish Graves but Just 150 Jews” New York Time, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/07/world/asia/uzbekistan-bukhara-jews.html)

Special thanks to Mr. Jakhongir (the director of the Jewish Cemetery) for the tour of the synagogue and the cemetery and Rashed Syed for arranging the meeting for me.



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