BSF – John – Lesson 7 – Jn 5


Division 1
Jesus’ Divine Authority over the Sabbath.
John 5:1-15
Principle 1: Jesus had divine authority over human suffering.
Applications 1:
1. How does knowing Jesus suffered on the cross offer you hope today?

Division 2
Jesus’ Divine Authority Explained.
John 5:16-30
Principle 2: Jesus has authority to give life, to judge, and to receive honor.
Applications 2:
1. Where do you need to embrace Jesus’ authority more in your life?

Division 3
Witnesses to Jesus’ Divine Authority.
John 5:31-47
Principle 3: Jesus’ authority exposes the condition of the human heart.
Applications 3:
1. What validation are you seeking from men as opposed to following Jesus and His godly authority?


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