Big Data Should Be Simple (Hebrew)


Abstract :
For those in ad tech, big data means facing some very complex (and exciting) challenges. With data collected at every touchpoint vendors are seeking to show the end-user the product of massive aggregations in the simplest of ways. Everything is driven by data, from audience targeting to insights on user behavior with the aim to drive better conversions and ROI. In an ever changing and evolving industry data is the competitive edge. In this session, we will touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the use of new generation data services and we will share insights from Fyber’s experience in leveraging them to provide an answer the market requirements.

Dori Waldman – Big Data Lead at Fyber, a leading mobile advertising platform. For the past 2 years, Dori has been leading the charge in the effort to maximize the use of data in the company. Before joining Fyber Dori worked at HP as a Mobile & Full-stack expert at HP and as a Software Engineer at RSA. Today, at Fyber, he’s using technologies (Spark / Druid / Kafka / Cassandra ) to develop the next generation of big data solutions to support the company’s growing data based products


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