Bella Hadid Says Contracts Lost Due To Support For Palestinians


Model Bella Hadid claims to have lost several contracts because of her support for the Palestinian cause. 

“There have been so many brands that have stopped working with me. A lot of friends have also turned their backs on me,” the supermodel said as she opened up about her activism on Libyan-American journalist Noor Tagouri’s podcast. 

Hadid, who has 54 million Instagram followers, is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid, a Palestinian businessman born in Nazareth who immigrated to Syria and then to the United States.  

The model regularly uses social networks to relay the Palestinian cause, not hesitating to castigate the Israeli army during military operations in the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip. She also shared a letter a few months ago denouncing the alleged “apartheid” carried out by the Jewish state. 

Hadid is also the sister of model Gigi Hadid. At the end of the last Fashion Week, both announced their intention to donate their checks to associations helping Ukraine and the Palestinian cause.

Accused of opinions hostile to Israel and singled out for her lack of reaction during recent terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, Hadid was notably challenged on Instagram by top Israeli model Bar Refaeli last May

Posting a story in tribute to the victims of the ax attack in Elad, Refaeli made sure to tag Hadid with the question: “Are you going to repost?”

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