Another 2 Russian Oligarchs Waiting to Become Portuguese Nationals


Apart from Roman Abramovich, who has obtained a Portuguese passport under Sephardic law, and Andrei Rappoport, who already travels with a Potugal’s passport, Lev Leviev and God Nisanov are also waiting for a final decision.

Leviev and Nisanov have sought Portuguese nationality under Sephardic law, and now the Ministry of Justice is to make a decision regarding the matter, reports.

According to Publico, God Nisanov, who has been described as one of the richest people in Europe by the US Secretary of State, awaits Portuguese naturalisation.

Similarly, Lev Leviev, who is known as the ‘king of diamonds’ and is close to Vladimir Putin, is waiting for Portuguese naturalisation and obtaining the country’s passport.

As for Rappoport, Publico claimed that he obtained a Portuguese passport t the end of December 2019. It has been emphasised that these two individuals got Portuguese nationality by order of the then Secretary of State for Justice.

The Portuguese authorities explained that under the Sephardic law, Portuguese nationality through naturalisation might be granted to the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Portugal and Spain in the 15th century.

“The Portuguese government may grant Portuguese nationality through naturalisation to the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Portugal and Spain in the fifteenth century. This measure was approved by the Organic Law No. 1/2013 of 29 July,” the statement of the Portuguese authorities reads.

However, everyone applying for Portuguese nationality under this law must meet certain requirements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that “applicants are Sephardic Jews of Portuguese descent and are adults or emancipated under the Portuguese law.” In addition, the regulation requires that applicants have not been convicted or committed a crime punishable with a maximum prison sentence equal to or exceeding three years.

In addition, the application must hold the family surnames, the family language, and family relations in the genealogical lines of the Portuguese Sephardic community.

The application must hold several other documents, such as the birth registration certificate, a criminal record certificate issued by the competent authorities, and a Jewish community certificate with religious-related status in Portugal.

This certificate must prove Sephardic Jewish lineage of Portuguese origin through surname, family language, genealogy, and family memory.

Apart from the above-mentioned, the certificate needs to contain several other information on the applicant. If in doubt of the authenticity, the competent authorities may provide to the Jewish communities registered in Portugal opinion on the evidence.

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