America’s SHOCKING Opposition to Jews Living in the Land of Israel


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Nearly thirty Jews were murdered in Israel in 2022 simply because they were Jews. The world was silent. An Israeli Minister visited the Temple Mount on a Jewish holy day and the world flew into an outrage, saying that this could spark violence, and was a violation of the status quo.

A vineyard was destroyed in Samaria this week. Only 300 meters away, a mosque, which is located in Area C, and has had a demolition order for the past 15 years, sits untouched.

The US could not have been more strong in their condemnation of Itamar Ben Gvir’s visit to the Temple Mount this week. The US State Department also roundly condemned Israel’s announcement that they plan to legalize a yeshiva in Homesh, the same site where a Jewish community was destroyed in 2005.

Watch today’s program to find out just how vehemently opposed the State Department is to Jews living in the Heartland of Israel.

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