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The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker star John Cena has confirmed he will retire from WWE in 2025, and that will bring an end to his long professional wrestling career which started back in 2002.

Cena appeared at WWE’s Money in the Bank PLE, which took place in Toronto, Canada over the weekend, and it was there he announced his wrestling retirement plans. He is looking to focus more on his acting career.

Cena said: “The 2025 Royal Rumble will be my last. The 2025 Elimination Chamber will be my last. And I’m here tonight to announce that in Las Vegas, Wrestlemania 2025 will be the last WrestleMania I compete in. I want to say thank you.”

He continued: “RAW makes history next year when it moves to Netflix. I’ve never been a part of RAW on Netflix. That is history, that is a first, and I will be there.”

The actor and wrestler when on to reveal that he will work at least 30 – 40 dates in 2025 right up until the end of next year. He also suggested a 17th world title reign could be in his future. 

He went on to say: “People say they’re walking away, and two years later they come back. I want to set the record straight right now, I’m done. This is it.”

“If you ever wanted to be a part of this one last time, we’re going to do it as big as we can and we’re fighting everybody and we hope you come enjoy the fun.”

Cena also told the press that, when he does retire, he’s also retiring his patented jorts. The actor has been in the middle of shooting Peacemaker Season 2.

Cena has had a great run as a pro wrestler, and it makes sense that he is finally going to retire.

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