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Actor Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, Foxcatcher, Logan Lucky, The Vow, The Hateful 8) has been a part of a ton of fun movies over the years, including some successful sequels. But one string of films he never got to finish was the highly successful third movie in the 21 Jump Street franchise.

The first two films were mega-hits for Sony Pictures, and the third film was in the works over a decade ago, however, in December of 2014, a series of events set the project off its course.

Leaked Sony emails revealed that the third Jump Street installment was planned to be a crossover with the Men in Black franchise, tentatively titled MIB 23. Despite landing a director at one point, MIB 23 never made it past the development stage, and the Jump Street franchise was stalled indefinitely.

But Tatum isn’t giving up hope. Speaking to ComicBook at the Fly Me to the Moon press junket, Tatum addressed the long-rumored Men in Black x 21 Jump Street crossover, saying, “There is a project that was written and it’s still the best script that I’ve ever read for a third movie.” His Fly Me to the Moon co-star Scarlett Johansson then asked Tatum, “What happened?”

He responded, “It’s just a lot of bureaucracy, kind of above the line stuff. It’s really hard to get it made and we’ve been trying to get it done.”

The last tangible MIB 23 momentum was eight years ago. James Bobin (The Muppets) signed on to direct the threequel in 2016 with a speculated production start of that June. Cameras never started rolling.

But if there was ever a time for sequels to be remade years later, this is it. We have seen so many franchises get revived, and often to pretty good success.

Hopefully, if this script is as good as Tatum claims, we will get to see it made at some point.

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