Incredibly Cool Lightsaber Build Features a Real Extending and Retracting Lightsaber Blade! — GeekTyrant

You’ve got to check out this amazing Lightsaber that was built by the creative team at HeroTech! These guys made it so that it has a real extending and retracting lightsaber blade!

This thing is super impressive and the video came with the following note: “I’m so glad I can finally share Project JEDI with everyone.”

They show the full process of the build in the video and then showcase the lightsaber in action. It was created using a flexible 12 V LED strip and a magician’s cane.

The cane is made of a flexible material that springs out when you release a pin and contracts down to a size so small it can fit in your hand. There are also some motorized parts to help it extend slowly instead of fast.

It’s really quite magical to see! I would love to see this up close and in person!

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