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Dungeons & Dragons recently released the high-level adventure Vecna: Eve of Ruin. This adventure is sure to be popular as it uses a classic D&D villain brought into pop culture thanks to Stranger Things.

That said, some fans have figured that there are some areas of improvement for Vecna: Eve of Ruin and created Vecna: Eve of Ruin – Companion.

Created by Leandro Zerbinatti de Oliveira and Diego Silva Lisboa, this companion supplement aims to go through chapter by chapter and make suggestions for how DMs can alter the original adventure for various reasons.

Some of these reasons are to address controversial plot points, others are things like a new NPC, and more.

This Companion for Vecna: Eve of Ruin, aims to improve the adventure offering a new and consistent plot for the events detailed in the official product.

It also offers new ideas and plots involving the Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings presented in the adventure, as a way to better incorporate the lore of those settings.

Changes will be suggested, chapter by chapter, offering new possibilities, presenting new options for the DM´s choice and offering additional steps to the adventure´s plot, as well as detailed outcomes for the adventure conclusion.

You can purchase Vecna: Eve of Ruin – Companion from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $3.99.

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