General election live: Nigel Farage tells BBC that West provoked Ukraine war, as he’s grilled in Panorama interview

Farage believes he’s on the brink of breaking open the political systempublished at 18:51

Nick Robinson
Presenter, BBC Panorama

Nigel Farage in the studio

It’s not so very long since Nigel Farage was in the jungle, where he insisted on being called a “former politician”.

One reason for that is it would allow him to carry on presenting his show on GB News during a general election.

Yet here we are, with Farage now leader of Reform UK, claiming that he can be not just the real leader of the opposition to a future Labour government, but a future prime minister too.

It was with that in mind that I approached my interview with him.

I asked him about his record – the judgements he’s made in the past, such as his previously expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin, praise for Liz Truss’s mini-Budget and admission that Brexit has “failed”.

We talk about how his “one out, one in” system of immigration control could work; whether he believes in charging to see your doctor and the non too flattering things he had to say about the King’s lifelong concerns about climate change.

Farage believes he’s on the brink of breaking open the political system we’ve lived with all my adult life, despite the fact that even if his support grows he’s likely to win, at most, a handful of seats.

It’s a lively watch.

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