Weekly poll results: the Redmi 13 doesn’t offer enough bang for your buck

Over the years, the Xiaomi Redmi number series has built a reputation for itself as solid value for money phones, though some were better than others. Will the Redmi 13 fall in the “better” category? Well, judging by last week’s poll, the answer is “no”. Let’s have a closer look to see what went wrong.

Price is definitely a major concern – at $180/€170, the Redmi 13 isn’t expensive, just expensive for what it offers. It’s a 4G phone, with one of the older Helio chipsets (well, it’s old on the inside) and a 90Hz IPS LCD.

The Poco M6 Pro was brought up several times in the comments – this one brings the Helio G99 Ultra, as good as 4G Helio chips go, and a 120Hz AMOLED display. It also has UFS 2.2 storage, which, while old, is still better than the eMMC that the Redmi has to work with.

But wait, the Poco doesn’t have an answer to the 108MP camera of the Redmi 13, which seems to be the phone’s main draw. Well, it looks like not a lot of people are focusing on the camera in this price range.

Weekly poll results: the Redmi 13 doesn't offer enough bang for your buck

Around a quarter of voters could see themselves owning a Redmi 13, though a part of this group will need convincing with solid reviews. There is a not insignificant fraction of voters that believes that phones in the $200/€200 price segment should offer 5G, so this model isn’t in the running.

Then there is the large group of voters that have found better value in similarly priced phones and has no interest in the Redmi 13. This includes new models in the same price range or getting higher end phones that are a couple of years old and can be found for the same amount of cash.

Either way, a good discount can help the Redmi 13 along. It also might be worth waiting for the inevitable Redmi 13 5G model (not the 13C 5G), which will bring a more modern chipset.

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