Frank Miller is working on a new Sin City comic, and its story will be a western! The comic was announced back in 2022 and it’s titled SIn City: Blood and Dust. The story will explore the origins of its setting of Basin City as an old west settlement.

The update was shared during an interview with Miller and documentarian Silenn Thomas in Vanity Fair as they discussed the upcoming documentary film Frank Miller: American Genius, which explores Miller’s career, his struggles with alcohol abuse, and health problems. It also dives into his recovery and comeback as a comic creator.

When talking about what Miller has planned next, Thomas shared he is working on the new Sin City story, saying: “The beauty is that you’re doing a new book of Sin City.”

Miller added: “Yeah, it’s a new Sin City – and it’s a western. It’s back in the beginnings of the city. It’s going to be cool.”

He went on to explain: “I had been planning on doing a World War II-era Sin City that was going to be called The Homefront. And I may yet do that one. Then I thought, ‘Why not just pitch it further back to when they had just founded Sin City?’

“It was like the legendary Dodge City, just a bunch of saloons and prostitutes and people riding through town. So I started playing with that and I ended up drawing a picture of my guy Marv with a mohawk and paint over his face. And that became the beginning of it.”

Speaking of Marv, his roots in Sin City go back all the way to the beginning, and Miller explained that he’s actually a descendant of the Indigenous people who lived in the area where Basin City was colonized.

Miller also offered an update one where he’s at in the process saying: “I’ve planned out a bunch of pages, done pencil drawings and fussed around with it. It’s kind of my pet project.”

Hopefully, he will finish it sooner rather than later. I’ve enjoyed Miller’s Sin City stories and a story set in the old west sounds like a great time!

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