Ashton Kutcher Responds To Backlash Regarding Comments on AI

Last week Ashton Kutcher made some interesting comments about AI technology and how it’s going to affect the filmmaking industry.

A lot of people didn’t like what he had to say, but what he said is true, people just don’t want to believe it. One particular opinion he expressed that people didn’t like was about AI being cost-effective for the film industry.

He said: “Why would you go out and shoot an establishing shot of a house in a television show when you could just create the establishing shot for $100? To go out and shoot it would cost you thousands of dollars.

“Action scenes of me jumping off of this building, you don’t have to have a stunt person go do it, y​​ou could just go do it [with AI].”

While people don’t like hearing it, this is where things are headed. Hell, studios are already implementing AI tools into their businesses to cut costs! It’s just going to keep going in that direction.

Kutcher recently took to X to explain his stance on AI and says that ignoring the use of the technology would be “catastrophic”.

The actor said: “I don’t think AI will replace the film industry or creative arts. It’s an amazing tool that we should learn to work with to become more prolific and efficient as artists.

“In the same way we use Avid, final draft, greenscreen, Led bg, and other technical tools. Acting like it doesn’t exist will be catastrophic. Jobs will change, denying that is turning a blind eye to facts.”

“There used to be someone that taped the film together. There used to be someone that checked the gate. We need to be prepared and understand what’s coming.”

Kutcher makes all good points here, especially with the studios that are embracing the technology like Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, and Disney, who recently talked about the benefits of implementing AI into their business models.

This is just the beginning of the film industry’s relationship with AI. It’s just going to grow over time and people losing jobs to AI in the future is a fact. It’s already happening! Ignoring it and rejecting it isn’t going to stop it.

As someone who writes for a living, this scares the shit out of me. So, I’ve been learning everything I can about AI to see what I’m up against.

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