As you know, Warner Bros. is producing a new film set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth titled The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum.

Peter Jackson is producing the film along with his partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens who will write the script along with Phoebe Gittins and Arty Papageorgiou. Andy Serkis was hired to direct.

A variety of films will “explore storylines yet to be told” and this particular film will obviously focus on Gollum. As you might imagine, there are some familiar faces that could appear in the movie, and one of the big ones is Gandalf.

During a recent interview with The Times, Ian McKellen said that he’s heard “stirrings in Tolkien land” and added that “I haven’t shaved in months.”

McKellen is referring to the hair he’s grown for Player Kings. McKellen also said that he’s heard Gandalf will be a part of the film, but added that nothing is set in stone.

He said: “But there is no script, there is no offer, there is no plan.” When asked if he’s interested in returning to the role, he replied with a chuckle, “If I’m alive.”

So, it seems like there’s a good chance that we will see McKellen in the role of Gandalf again, which would be fantastic!

During a previous interview, Jackson opened up about the story they are looking to tell offering some insight on why they wanted to tell this tragic story of Gollum.

Jackson explained: “The Gollum/Sméagol character has always fascinated me because Gollum reflects the worst of human nature, whilst his Sméagol side is, arguably, quite sympathetic.

“I think he connects with readers and film audiences alike, because there’s a little bit of both of them in all of us. We really want to explore his backstory and delve into those parts of his journey we didn’t have time to cover in the earlier films.

“It’s too soon to know who will cross his path, but suffice to say we will take our lead from Professor Tolkien.” 

Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn, also previously said he would be open to reprising his role in the new project. The actor explained he’d sign up as long as it was right for the character, and as long as his current age wouldn’t be a problem for the story.

He said: “I don’t know exactly what the story is, I haven’t heard. Maybe I’ll hear about it eventually. I like playing that character. I learned a lot playing the character. I enjoyed it a lot. I would only do it if I was right for it in terms of, you know, the age I am now and so forth. I would only do it if I was right for the character. It would be silly to do it otherwise.”

Would you be happy to see Ian McKellen in the role of Gandalf again?

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