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That’s right, it’s been five years but Guild Wars 2 players are getting a new raid and Challenge Mode! The Challenge Mode will come in one of the quarterly updates, but a new raid is still very exciting. I still need to get into raids, but I know people have been vying for a new one for a long time.

Another aspect that Janthir Wilds is looking to copy from Secrets of the Obscure is the easier obtainment of a mount. In Secrets of the Obscure, the team made it a bit easier to obtain the coveted skyscale and in Janthir Wilds players will be able to unlock the World-vs-World exclusive warclaw.

I have thoughts on this. First, I think it’s great that players will be able to get the warclaw without entering WvW. WvW is not for everyone and I don’t think a mount should be locked behind it. That said, I didn’t like how much of Secrets of the Obscure was centered on the skyscale for traversal and meta events and I hope that the warclaw is not so central to Janthir Wilds.

Why? Because quite frankly, the warclaw sucks. It’s slow and just underwhelming in abilities. Every PvE mount is superior in just about every way. That said, it sounds like the warclaw is getting a revamp as it’s meant to help explore the mountains and river valleys we’ll experience using its double-jump traversal ability. Hopefully, Janthir Wilds will help me come to love the warclaw a bit more.

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