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Venom: The Last Dance star Tom Hardy recently talked about his upcoming film and the franchise as a whole. One interesting thing he mentioned was regarding Marvel Studios’ hand in the Spider-Man franchise.

During a recent interview with Forbes, Hardy shared his excitement for the next Venom movie, which is being marketed as the final solo Venom movie.

Hardy said: “This one – I’m so, so excited about because we’ve gone much bigger. Kelly [Marcel] and I have been working with Tom Rothman and Sanford [Panitch] and their Sony team for 7-8 years now.

“We started off – like, initially, [Venom] was just Eddie Brock and nobody knew what we were going to do. Then the second [film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage] – we wrote the second one, we pitched it, got to direct it, put the team together on that – that was huge! That was a huge university of learning.”

The actor went on to address how the movies have been observed, especially due to Spider-Man not being involved.

Hardy continued: “People were going to judge us, you know? Marvel Universe under [Kevin] Feige’s management is doing so well. Spider-Man has gone to Feige’s camp at Marvel. We have one [at Sony]! To me and Kelly, it’s so important to pour in everything that we can to build on that opportunity.

“So by the third one now, Kelly is directing it, she’s writing – I’m attached to it at the hip and shoulder, like whatever you need, we’ll figure it out.”

I assume the “one” that Hardy is talking about for Sony is in reference to Spider-Man. So, who is the version of Spider-Man that he’s talking about? Fans are speculating that it’s Andrew Garfield’s version.

One thing that’s been pretty clear is that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has no place in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, so if they do introduce Spider-Man it would have to be a version that Marvel Studios has no hold on.

Or, maybe Hardy is implying that Venom is the Spider-Man of the SSU? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see what Sony continues to do with this franchise, which the keep dropping the ball on.

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