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Jerry Seinfeld was recently a guest on the Honestly With Bari Weiss podcast and opened up about a variety of projects including bad reviews being funny and how he always wanted to be a real man.

Seinfeld is still making the press rounds for his Netflix comedy Unfrosted, which has been met with a lot of negative reviews and currently has a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But, Seinfeld isn’t bothered by the bad reviews. In fact, he thinks they’re funny.

Seinfeld said: “The only thing I want to read are the absolute worst reviews the movie received because there is nothing funnier to me than people complaining that [they] didn’t laugh. They want to laugh. I related to it. I get it. I think it’s funny that you hated it because you wanted to laugh and you didn’t laugh.”

The comedian added: “It’s funny! It doesn’t matter what you think of me. Why would I think that I’m going to make something that everyone will like? What sense does that make? You have to be insane to think like that.”

When talking about why these reviews don’t get to him, he explained that his time as a stand-up comic gave him that thick skin.

He said: “If you’re built right as a stand-up comic you don’t care what people think of [you]. I’m doing my gig, I’m getting the laughs and getting the money and getting the hell out of here. When your review comes out, I’m in another city doing the same thing.”

Seinfeld went on to talk about the nostalgia for that era in the 1960s as there was “an agreed upon hierarchy” then that is “absolutely vaporized in today’s moment.”

He continued: “We have no sense of hierarchy. As humans, we don’t really feel comfortable with that. That is part of what…if you want to talk about nostalgia, that is part of what makes [the 1960s] attractive looking back.”

Seinfeld then talked about the kind of man that he wanted to grow up to be, and how he misses dominant masculinity: “Another thing, as a man… I always wanted to be a real man. When I was in that era, it was JFK, Muhammad Ali, Sean Connery, Howard Cosell. That’s a real man!

“I wanted to be like that someday. Well, no. I never really grew up. You don’t want to as a comedian because it’s a childish pursuit. I miss a dominant masculinity. I get the toxic thing… but still I like a real man.”

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