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Dennis Quaid is set to star alongside Zazie Beetz and Elizabeth Debicki in a wild film project titled This Blue is Mine.

The film is described as an “original, psychosexual sci-fi drama.” The story is set amidst a family holiday at “a tropical resort, where Arthur (Quaid), a guilt-free bon viveur, surprises everyone by bringing his new beautiful and enigmatic girlfriend, Ivy (Debicki).

“Ivy’s arrival and her odd behavior throws the already delicate dynamics off balance with Arthur and his daughters. Connie (Beetz) is still recovering from the trauma of a recent miscarriage and her older half-sister Laura can be a bit suffocating in her efforts to support her.

“One evening, after Connie gets very drunk, Ivy quietly reveals to her that she’s actually an alien visiting Earth. While Laura is quick to write Ivy off as an aspiring trophy wife, Ivy’s strangeness makes Connie, and with her the audience, question if she could actually be an alien.

“Before she knows it, Connie is being seduced by Ivy and invited to follow her back to her planet, an invitation that sound more seductive as the family drama heightens. But is Ivy really an alien? Or is Connie having a mental breakdown? Connie may have to take a leap of faith.”

Producer Gabrielle Stewart said in a statement: “Dennis Quaid is such a great talent, and it has been exciting to see him in Cannes enjoying the buzz and excitement around The Substance. He is a great addition to the film.”

This sounds like it’s going to make for a bonkers movie, and it marks the English-language debut of Brazilian director Iuli Gerbase.

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