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Netflix has released the first poster for the second season of its League of Legends animated series Arcane. I love this poster as it teases the complicated reversal of Vi and Jinx’s Relationship.

You can see the evolution of that relationship when you compare the poster from Season 1 with the new poster for Season 2.

The poster for Season 1 saw Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) consoling her younger sister Powder/Jinx (Ella Purnell). This new poster shows an older, troubled, and darker version of Jinx embracing Vi who looks very distraught. She seems to have a frightened expression on her face.

In the story, the two sisters are caught on opposing sides of a conflict in the utopian city of Piltover and its poor underbelly, Zaun.

In the cities of Piltover and Zaun, “tensions rise as inventors, hooligans, politicians, and crime lords grow increasingly dissatisfied with the constraints of a devastated society. With the situation on the verge of being unsustainable, two sisters steal an artifact of immeasurable power. Discovery and danger collide as heroes are born and bonds are broken. Will this power change the world? Or will it lead to ruin? This is the world of Arcane.”

When it comes to the story of Jinx and Vi, “Amidst the escalating unrest between the rich, utopian city of Piltover and its seedy, oppressed underbelly of Zaun, sisters Vi and Jinx find themselves on opposing sides of a brewing conflict over clashing convictions and arcane technologies.”

When previously talking about the series, Purnell teased what we can expect from Arcane Season 2, saying it’s going to make you cry.

She shared: “Oh man, I’m trying to remember [season one] because it was over two years ago. I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR for the Season 2 finale – and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It’s devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it.”

Arcane Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in November!

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