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This past Memorial Day weekend was dismal at the box office, and I’m so confused by what is happening! Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and The Garfield Movie nearly tied at the box office with Furiosa nearly beating out Garfield.

Furiosa ended up making $32 million through the Memorial Day holiday on Monday and Garfield ended up $31.1. These are super low numbers and this is the worst Memorial Day weekend for movies in nearly three decades, excluding 2020 when theaters were entirely closed due to COVID.

With all the hype surrounding George Miller’s Furiosa, I thought for sure it was going to be a surefire big box summer success! But, instead, it ended up disappointing big time, and it’s very frustrating because Furiosa was a freakin’ awesome movie!

In fact, Furiosa is even better than Mad Max: Fury Road, and I loved the hell out of Fury Road! It was an action movie masterpiece! Why in the world did people not go see this movie in theaters!?

This is one of the few franchises where the films just get better and better every time a new one is released, and with numbers like this, who knows if Miller will ever get to make another one again?

Furiosa was expected to make $40 million to $45 million over the long holiday weekend, which is around what Fury Road brought in. I should also point out that the film had a $168 million budget.

I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire, which was a crap film, made $80 million on its opening weekend and Furiosa, a far superior film in every way, makes $32 million!?

This is why movie fans can’t have nice things. When something great comes out in theaters, people don’t go and see it. Seeing box office numbers this low on Memorial Day weekend is concerning, and it’s a big deal. Now the studios are going to reassess their projects and pump out even more mediocre movies.

If you haven’t watched Furiousa yet… GO WATCH IT IN THEATERS! You won’t be disappointed!

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