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A trailer has been released for the indie action thriller Jade, starring Shaina West, Mickey Rourke, Mark Dacascos, Katherine McNamara, Keith Jardine, Steven Michael Quezada, and Chris Bruno. The film is directed by stuntman/filmmaker James Bamford (Hard Home, Air Force One Down, Arrow) based on a script co-written by Bamford, Lynn Colliar and Glenn Ennis.

The film’s synopsis reads:

“Jade presents the story of a woman who comes between a powerful businessman & a gang leader in their search for a hard drive that could damage the operations of Interpol. Despite grieving for the brother she accidentally killed, the woman is required to use her unique set of skills to retrieve the drive and protect her brother’s unborn child being carried by another woman.”

This looks like most of the generic, low-budget action movies being pumped out these days. The woman in the lead role is pretty badass though. Maybe she will bring enough to the story to make it worth watching.

Check out the trailer below, and see if it has something in it that may appeal to you. Jade will debut later this summer Direct-to-VOD.

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