Giancarlo Esposito Says His Marvel Character is Getting His Own Series and That Fans Won’t Guess Who He’s Playing — GeekTyrant

Giancarlo Esposito recently teased the mystery character who he’s playing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says that fans will never guess who it is and reveals that he will be getting his very own series.

During a recent appearance at Phoenix Fan Fusion (via CinemaBlend), he said: “The MCU has knocked on my door and it’s a role you won’t predict. It will be teased and there will be a series afterwards.”

Esposito previously announced that he is joining the MCU at CCXP and that he would arrive “sooner rather than later,” adding that his character is “better than you can imagine.”

As you know, Esposito’s character has been the subject of much speculation. But, according to the actor, he will be playing an “original” character. We just don’t know if he’s just saying that to throw fans off.

He said: “Wouldn’t you like to see me play a character in a Marvel movie who is original, and new, and fresh? So, mark my words: This will happen sooner than you think.”

Fans have speculated that Esposito could end up playing Doctor Doom or Magneto, but we’ll just have to wait and see! We’ll eventually find out!

With his comments of seeing his character sooner than we think, maybe he’ll show up in Deadpool & Wolverine.

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