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Here’s the trailer for an over-the-top low-budget creature feature horror movie titled Bikers Vs Werewolves. For those of you who judge a film by its title, the movie looks exactly like you’d imagine.

In Bikers vs. Werewolves, “As bikers roll into a forgotten town during their journey to Sturgis, a night of respite takes a sinister turn when a rival gang transforms into werewolves, unleashing chaos and terror on the unsuspecting townsfolk.”

The film was directed by Michael Su from a script written by Adam Werth and the cast includes Jake Busey, Robert LaSardo, Michael Pare, Glenn Plummer, and James Duval .

Bikers vs. Werewolves is currently crowd-funding finishing funds on Indiegogo. Learn more details over there and watch the official teaser trailer below.

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