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There were rumors before Spider-Man: No Way Home was released that Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst was going to reprise her role as Mary Jane Watson in the film. As you know, she never showed up, but she would have if Marvel would have asked her!

During an interview with GQ, Dunst was asked if Marvel or Sony ever reached out to her for a possible return, and she said: “No, no…I would have.”

As for how she’d like to revisit the character, she says, “It would be funny to be like, OK, let’s take Tobey [Maguire] and I and do it in a weird indie way where it’s like a different kind of superhero film. Like how they did that movie Chronicle. It could be cool.”

While that would be an interesting take, I seriously doubt the studios would want to take the franchise in that direction.

When reflecting on shooting 2002’s Spider-Man, Dunst says the genre “was more innocent, I think. Sam Raimi was like a cult director, so it felt like we were making an indie disguised as a superhero film.”

At the same time, Dunst recalls how some people involved in the movie made repeated attempts to change her appearance. 

At one point, a producer took her, without warning, to the dentist and encouraged Dunst to get her teeth straightened. “I was like, ‘No, I like my teeth.'” That’s crazy! There was nothing wrong with her teeth! Who are these people?!

The actress went on to say that after she wore dark lipstick and a black dress to Spider-Man’s London premiere, “The studio was like, ‘She looks very goth.’ And they didn’t like that, probably because they wanted me to look like a sexy young woman who would appeal to a broader range of whoever gets seats in the theatre. I was never that girl. I never did it.”

It sounds like Dunst had to navigate some weird people while shooting Spider-Man! That included being called “girly girl” on the set of the film.

She previously shared that she would love to join the MCU, though, saying: “You know I’d join that multiverse! I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t joined it. I’m like, ‘Please put me in. Put me in the lineup.’ I need to pay for my house and kids.”

Who knows, maybe Marvel and Sony will finally get around to making a Spider-Man 4 film with Tobey Maguire that she could come back for.

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