MADAME WEB Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Plans For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Cameo — GeekTyrant

Some new Madame Web concept art has surfaced and it reveals that there were once plans to include Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The art shows Spider-Man battling the villainous Ezekiel Sims.

The concept art comes from artist Sebastian Meyer. One features the web-slinger fighting Ezekiel high above New York City. The other one shows them battling their way down the side of a skyscraper. 

There are no details shared on the story behind this art regarding why these two characters are fighting each other. We also don’t know what happened to Madame Web or any of the Spider-Women characters.

There was a rumor before Madame Web was released about Cassie Webb reaching out into the Multiverse and sending a baby version of Peter to another reality to keep him safe…which would have presumably been Earth-616.

While Sony ultimately scrapped that idea, it probably would’ve been best for this movie to never have been made.

Anyway, you can check out the concept art below.

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