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Frankie Muniz, the star of the hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle recently opened up about an experience he had while shooting the series and reveals why he walked off the set of the show and didn’t appear in two episodes.

During an interview with, the actor shared: “There were two episodes I’m not in. I walked off the set.” It’s explained that tension on set had reached a boiling point, because of the behavior of other “certain people,” and Muniz wasn’t going to stand for it.

He went on to say: “Everyone was so afraid to stand up when certain people were controlling or rude or disrespectful. Like they walked on pins and needles. I was so mortified by seeing people afraid to stand up for themselves, I was like: ‘Say something.’”

Muniz added: “I didn’t care if they told me I was never going back, because it was worth it to me. It helped that the show was based around me.”

I like that Muniz stood up for himself and other members of the cast in that situation! He went on to talk about leaving the entertainment business and how much happier he is since he ditched Hollywood and left Los Angeles.

Muniz went on to explain: “I never felt like I fully fit in the Hollywood world, even though I was in the world. I was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes, and I was going to all this stuff, and I was there, and I was like, how am I here?”

He continued: “I hated LA, so I kind of stayed in my own little world, my own little bubble. And moving to Arizona, I did it on a whim, and I realized immediately that I started looking up. I started enjoying looking at trees and birds in the sky. Going to the grocery store was a fun thing. You don’t get that in LA. It’s a miserable experience.”

I don’t blame him. Good for Muniz, and it’s great that life has been a good experience for him since getting the hell out of LA!


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