The Jinx, Which Transformed the True Crime Landscape, Returns with More Robert Durst

The Jinx is back!

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst was a groundbreaking true-crime limited series that had a significant impact on the genre and television as a whole.

Durst’s story captivated the nation from the start, but when he muttered the words, “Killed them all, of course,” it upended the future of true crime.

Robert Durst was convicted as a result of the groundbreaking docuseries, but he died before being tried for another connected case that, as a result, remains unsolved.

The Jinx raised the bar in terms of production quality for true crime series with its cinematic storytelling, high-quality editing, and dramatic reenactments that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Its narrative complexity wove together different timelines with interviews and evidence in a non-linear fashion, which created an immersive effect.

More importantly, Durst himself was the focal point of the docuseries.

Putting him front and center allowed a deep dive into his background, psychology, and motivations, turning the series into a character study as well as a crime documentary.

The nature of its storytelling aside, The Jinx showed how a comprehensive investigation from a documentary director could potentially impact legal proceedings.

That’s become the norm now, as witnessed with series like Making a Murderer.

As helpful as it seems to us, there is always a concern about how revelations made on camera could impact ongoing investigations.

Nothing was more dramatic than Durst’s confession on a hot mic during a quick trip to the restroom.

Discussions about whether that helped or hurt the case continue to this day, but with Durst convicted in 2021 and sentenced to life without parole, the benefits seem to outweigh the perils, at least in Durst’s case.

The Jinx is a rare series that engages viewers by actively involving them in the investigation, which results in old-fashioned water cooler talk.

The best thing someone can ask from their work is to drive discussions about it, and The Jink invited speculation and analysis from the audience that overtook our culture as it aired and as the walls closed in on Durst in the wake of the series.

There’s no doubt that The Jinx contributed to the growing popularity of true crime content by demonstrating that these stories could be both compelling and commercially successful.

The Jinx paved the way for many others to adopt a similar storytelling style, focusing on in-depth investigations, character exploration, and narrative twists to captivate audiences.

Rarely will you watch a true crime docuseries now that doesn’t pivot halfway through to reveal unexpected twists that challenge your perception of all of the evidence before you.

Nine years after The Jinx premiered on HBO, the network is set to launch The Jinx Part Two on April 21.

Andrew Jarecki again brings us a new six-episode continuation of the groundbreaking Emmy-winning documentary series in which the filmmakers continue their investigation for eight years.

Their journey will uncover hidden material, Durst’s prison calls, and interviews with witnesses who had not come forward until now.

You can get your first look at the upcoming series in the first teaser below.

Are you eager to get more information about Robert Durst and what the documentary team uncovered in the eight years after The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst?

Let us know in the comments below.

The Jinx Part Two premieres on Sunday, April 21 at 10/9c, with new episodes dropping weekly. It’s also available on Max.

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