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Marvel Studios has been developing a new Black Panther animated series titled Eyes of Wakanda and thanks to Marvel animation and TV producer Brad Winderbaum, we have some new details to share with you. During an interview with Men’s Health, the producer explained that the story for Eyes of Wakanda is on the sacred timeline and officially part of the MCU.

The story follows previous Black Panthers and Dora Milaje members as they are tracking down vibranium artifacts. When talking about the series, Winderbaum said:

“We’re exploring so many amazing avenues on the animated side. Eyes of Wakanda, more than any other show, fits right into our sacred MCU timeline continuity. [Black Panther director Ryan Coogler] is a producer on it, Todd Harris is one of our long-time storyboard artists who directs it. It’s about Wakandan history and mythology, and it’s really cool. It looks amazing. And it feels like, ‘Okay I’m getting an animated look into the MCU.'”

When previously talking about the development of the series, Winderbaum said:

“It’s a show we’re producing in partnership with Proximity Media, with Ryan Coogler as one of our executive producers. The show was brought to us by Todd Harris, who was a longtime storyboard artist at the company, just like Bryan Andrews was, who is the director of What If…? He pitched the show to Ryan and he pitched the show to Kevin and I, and we were like, ‘Let’s do it.’ I don’t want to say too much about it, only that people do not see it coming.”

The first footage of the series screened during the Marvel Animation sneak preview after What If Season 2’s big fan event and it seems like there are fans who are excited about it.

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