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GeekTyrant is happy to premiere the twisted horror thriller short film Velma, from director Scarlet Moreno, who made her debut feature film, Phaedra which she made under the guidance of director Robert Rodriguez on his docuseries, Rebel Without a Crew.

In Velma, “a woman is looking for a man who will love her for who she is. However, things quickly take a turn as, through the lens of a late 1960s visual feast, audiences are taken on a psychological journey with the title character that examines sexuality, shame, and our societal views of both. Combining striking 1960s visuals and slight horror camp, ‘Velma” tells its story with a wink and a (bloody?) smile.”

The director shared in a statement: “Velma is a visual poem of sorts, examining femininity, sexuality, and shame, all while giving its audience a chance to sift through their own views on these subjects and what they deem acceptable female behavior.”

Scarlet Moreno creates work that centers the feminine experience in unexpected and exciting ways. Not only is she comfortable with horror and genre filmmaking, it is some of her favorite kind of art to make because of the juxtaposition between the beautiful and the harrowing. Heavily influenced by 60s and 70s cinema, but with a timeless voice and style all her own, Scarlet creates visually stunning worlds in which to tell provocative and engaging stories. Scarlet Moreno is a director, writer, and actor based in Los Angeles. She has written and directed award winning narrative shorts as well as her debut feature film, Phaedra .

After premiering at Panic Fest in 2022, Velma has had a successful two year festival run, screening at fests like Nightmares, Horrorigins and Film Quest among others. Velma won The Banshee Award (Underworlds Film Fest) Best Cinematography (Nightmares), Fellini Award for Best Art Direction (Arthouse Film Fest), Best Editing (Sin City Horror Fest), and Best Costumes (Film Quest) and was nominated for more throughout its run. 

Enjoy the film!

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