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Sony Pictures Animation is reportedly producing an animated Venom feature film and the studio is said to have hired Seth Rogen (The Boys, Invincible) to write and produce it.

The report comes from Hollywood insider @CanWeGetToast and this movie is also supposed to be developed as an R-rated film.

Rogen is no stranger to these kinds of adult-focused comic book adaptations and the story of Venom seems like something that would be right up his alley. I could see Rogen doing something really cool with this project!

If this news is true, it will be the first Marvel project that Rogen will be a part of. when previously asked why he still hasn’t worked with Marvel or DC, he said: “Honestly, probably fear. We really have a pretty specific way we work; me and Evan [Goldberg] have been writers for 20 years at this point. It’s a fear of the process, honestly. And I say that knowing nothing about the process. There are a lot of Marvel things I love.”

He added: “It’s mostly a fear of how would we plug into the system they have in place, which seems like a very good system, and a system that serves them very well. But is it a system that we would ultimately get really frustrated with? And what’s nice about [‘Mutant Mayhem’] is that we’re the producers of this. So we dictated the system, and we dictated the process in a lot of ways.”

By doing an animated Venom film for Sony Pictures instead of Marvel, Rogen won’t have to worry about that system that he’s fearful of. What do you think about the possibility of Rogen developing an animated Venom movie?

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