Welcome to Wales — Jewish Renaissance

“This project is designed to help others tell their stories in as positive and creative a way as possible,” says Howard, who is a descendant of Eastern European émigrés. “I started with telling my own story, but my aim is to make this installation universal. The stories can be shared among anyone who comes in to take part.”

Interaction with the local community was always intended to be a focal point of the project, which is aimed at families, teenagers and older people. Upon entering the show, visitors will be given a map that takes them on a journey around the exhibits – “from the dark to the light” – which include paintings on recycled cardboard, a performance space for music and actors, and a few surprises.

By Judi Herman & Danielle Goldstein

Welcome to Wales runs Sunday 24 – Saturday 30 March. FREE. The Old Library, Cardiff, CF10 1BH.

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