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Netflix has renewed its live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender for a second and third season, and the series will come to an end with Season 3.

I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the series, and I probably won’t waste my time on any other episodes. I was pretty disappointed with how the series turned out and I can now see and understand why the original creators opted to drop out of the show. From what I saw, it’s just inferior compared to the original animated series.

Regardless, there are people who seem to be enjoying the series, and the creative team behind will get to continue to tell their story for two more seasons. So, enough people are watching to make it worth it for Netflix to continue.

In the series, “Set in an Asiatic, war-torn world where certain people can ‘bend’ one of the four classical elements: water, earth, fire, or air,” the show‘s official synopsis reads. “Aang (Gordon Cormier) is the ‘Avatar,’ the only one capable of bending all the elements, and is destined to bring peace to the world from the Fire Nation. With his new companions Katara (Kiawentiio Tarbell ) and Sokka (Ian Ousley), Aang sets out to master the elements while being pursued by the exiled Fire Nation prince Zuko (Daniel Dae Kim), who seeks to regain his honor by capturing the Avatar.”

The creative team behind the series includes Albert Kim (Sleepy Hollow), who is writing the series and acting as showrunner. Kim will also executive produce the show alongside Dan Lin, Lindsey Liberatore, Michael Goi, and Roseanne Liang. The directors of the series include Jabar Raisani, Goi, and Liang.

Have you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender yet? If so, what did you think!?

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