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Vanessa Kirby is reuniting with The Crown director Benjamin Caron (Andor) in the feature film The Night Always Comes, based on the 2021 novel by Willy Vlautin which follows a working-class woman in the Pacific Northwest who embarks on a 24-hour quest to call in old debts and raise enough money to keep a roof over her head.

The Night Always Comes film is based on a screenplay by Seattle-based screenwriter Sarah Conradt, whose credits include Mothers’ Instinct and 50 States of Fright. Vlautin’s 2010 book Lean on Pete was adapted and directed by Andrew Haigh (All of Us Strangers) in 2017. His debut tome, The Motel Life, was filmed in 2012.

Vlautin’s story focuses on Lynette (Kirby), who rises each morning before sunrise to juggle multiple jobs –not all of them are on the level — while also caring for her mother Doreen and older brother Kenny who’s described in the book as being developmentally disabled. Lynette has been hardened by her hardscrabble life; her bedroom houses the washer-dryer, an oil furnace and a utility sink. There’s little or no money for new clothes or for treats.

Lynette has gone without so she can save cash to purchase the ramshackle home her family has rented for decades in an area where the ‘G’ word — gentrification — has left a bitter taste; the working classes are being pushed outta town. A plan had been in place to raise a mortgage on the property, but when that’s derailed she’s forced to undertake a desperate odyssey in a city of greed. Lynette has to confront dangerous people who owe her money.

This new Vlautin screen project is set to shoot on locations in Portland, OR in May ahead of Kirby filming her role as Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman, in The Fantastic Four reboot to be directed by Matt Shakman later this summer.

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