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Theaters will be selling Ghost Trap popcorn buckets and other exclusive collectibles for the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

There are two variant Ghost Trap buckets that will be available. One of them is the Regal Theater exclusive bucket that matches the Ghost trap that the Ghostbusters use in the film, and comes with moveable hinge doors and a handle. But instead of containing ghosts, it contains 70oz popcorn.

The second bucket is coming to AMC Theatres. It’s similar to the Regal bucket but it comes with a big container on the top that holds 130oz of popcorn. As per the description, it “captures the essence of the ghost trap, complete with caution stripes, warning labels, and the classic red button.”

Both the Regal and AMC variants will be available to buy around the time Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire hits theaters, if they aren’t already. Regal’s Ghostbusters Ghost Trap bucket costs $25, while AMC’s bigger bucket goes for $39.99.

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