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Zack Snyder seems to have a love and hate relationship with audiences and fans, and in regards to that, he doesn’t understand why some people hate him so much. Not just hate his movies, but that hate extended to him personally.

Snyder recently shared his thoughts on this while a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He said: “I remember the last article said, ‘Zack Snyder: Love him or hate him.’ And I’m like, ‘Hate him?!’ I don’t understand. What? It’s a movie. I have no issue with you not liking the movie. That’s not the question. Who cares? The thing is, you’d hate me? I don’t understand that.”

Snyder continued to theorize that maybe one of the reasons is that people just didn’t like what he did with their favorite DC superheroes: “That’s a lifestyle choice for a lot of people. It’s not a movie … If I made a romantic comedy, you’d be like, ‘OK, that was fun.’ I love that [fans] feel this passionately. In no way would I criticize that, because I live the same life. For me, it’s morning, noon, and night. For those guys, it’s not just a movie. So you have to, on some level, you have to acknowledge that this is their religion. And they feel strongly about it. The truth is — it’s my religion, too.”

Why does that hate extend beyond the movies he makes? While I don’t like all of Snyder’s movies or some of the creative decisions he’s made, I don’t hate him for it. I don’t know, as I was thinking about it, maybe some people don’t like him because he’s in this awesome rare position to make movies and those people think he’s squandering it by making mediocre films?

I mean, the guy gets these big budgets to tell these big stories, and then they just don’t turn out as great as they look in the trailers.

What are your thoughts on Snyder? I know some of you don’t like him! Why don’t you like him!? Explain it to him!

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