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Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming new series The Magic Prank Show, which is well… a magic prank show! The new series comes from magician and comedian Justin Willman (Magic for Humans), and it looks like a ton of fun!

I love the art of magic, and this series sees Willman use “his extraordinary skills to pull off ambitious and hilarious pranks like you’ve never seen before. With his team of twisted professionals, Justin executes brain-bending experiences to help everyday folks blow people’s minds and settle old scores.”

Willman is a crazy talented magician and he started to hone his craft as a magician at the age of 12, “first learning to perform card tricks as a means of regaining strength in his hands after breaking both his arms.”

The Magic Prank Show will premiere on Netflix on April 1st, or April Fool’s Day. Enjoy the trailer!

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