An Amusing STAR WARS Mistake Was Found in REVENGE OF THE SITH During the Mustafar Fight Scene — GeekTyrant

Here’s a little Star Wars mistake that will give you a good laugh that was recently discovered in George LucasRevenge of the Sith. The mistake can be found during the epic, climactic fight scene between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar. During the scene, some random guy pops up out of nowhere just standing behind Anakin in the lava.

The mistake was shared on Reddit and it came with the following note:

“So I’m on the r/StarWars discord server and this guy says there’s a guy hidden during the Mustafar fight scene. So, using my quick time button pressing, I spam my spacebar and low and behold, there’s just a dude there during the fight. If you pause the film at exactly 1:59:03:21 you will see him there. Here’s a shot from D+. Pretty crazy stuff. Wonder if a random editor put himself in there as a joke to say “im in a star wars movie” XD. This is the precursor to Jeans Guy.”

You can check out the photo evidence below.

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