Station 19 Season Premiere Preview: Gearing Up For An Exhilarating Final Ride

Even the most powerful fires burn out eventually.

And unfortunately, to our immense displeasure, that’s exactly what’s happening with the fan-favorite series, Station 19.

News of Station 19’s cancelation hasn’t gone over well, in the least, as the devoted fanbase is still putting up a good fight and making their case for the series to get picked up somewhere, anywhere else.

If you haven’t already made your voice heard and participated in #SaveStation19 or signed the petition, you can find it here.

Whether it proves fruitful or not, as bittersweet as it is, we can still show up and show out for the final season of this series as of now.

Every little bit counts!

And from everything expected from Staton 19 Season 7 Episode 1, we’re in store for one hell of a ride.

The premiere will pick up shortly after the season finale.

And it makes sense because there was so much that transpired during Station 19 Season 6 Episode 18 that it requires a lot of follow-up.

The Firefighter’s Ball was the event of the year for the station, and so much good happened there.

For starters, it was where we learned that Andy would officially become Station 19’s new Captain.

It’s been a long road for Andy to get to this point, and it only seems fitting that despite how unplanned it was, she’d get to wear the Captain’s hat and take on this role in the final season.

The Firefighter’s Ball is also where Ben was honored for his heroic work during a group home fire.

But the ball also had its fair share of drama, shocking moments, and heartache.

After most of Station 19 Season 6 saw Theo dealing with whatever emotional issues he’s bottled up, they and his strained relationship with Vic came to a head.

We saw the two arguing with each other in their biggest blow-up yet, and then, it appeared as if they called it quits.

But then Theo made a shocking move, engaging in some coat room making out with the latest addition to the unit and a friend of his, Kate.

And worse yet, Jack saw them and was all prepared to tell Vic.

However, when the dance floor collapsed at the ball due to structural and electrical issues, Jack sustained a head injury.

Whatever potential TBI issues he’s sustained from a previous incident are exacerbated, and it’s not looking good for him.

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The season premiere will see Jack’s life hanging in the balance after the others tried and failed to help him on the scene.

However, while Grey Damon didn’t initially know very much about what the future held for his character when we had the honor of speaking to him after the finale, we can guess that Jack will make it out of this alive.

But the question is if he’ll make it out of this well.

Everything we’ve learned about Jack over seven seasons is that he’s a diehard firefighter.

He eats, sleeps, and lives it and likely can’t imagine being anything else.

One can guess that before the end credits, we’ll know and find comfort in Jack’s status, but he’ll face some obstacles when it becomes evident that he may not get to pursue the job he loves in the same way.

But while it’s doubtful that the series will kill off a beloved character, especially during the final season, it won’t stop the others from being very emotional and concerned about his well-being.

The season premiere will also likely address a death that did happen.

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To our utter shock, the infamous and problematic Dixon was a victim of that floor collapse when he got pinned beneath some rubble.

No one could’ve predicted how emotional his final moments were when it was Travis, of all people, who tried to save him.

We got the most vulnerable version of Dixon we ever saw before he died, which made the passing shockingly difficult to witness.

His death will bring Emmett back into Travis’ life, if only temporarily.

In the one photo featuring Travis, it’s clear he’s speaking to someone and looks glum.

Based on the hair, the person standing across from him and out of immediate view is Emmett.

The two of them didn’t succeed in their relationship, but I can only imagine that Emmett will express his gratitude for Travis being there with his father during those final moments.

Even with so much going on, including one of their own fighting for his life, the job doesn’t stop for anyone.

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The synopsis teases that the team will get called to a hostage situation.

It means we’re already off to an intense start with a call that will likely have us on the edge of our seats.

This call may be Andy’s first official opportunity to showcase what type of Captain she will be on the team.

Andy has worked so hard to get to this point and had so many thoughts about how things should be done, but it’s a different beast when you’re actually in it.

One can’t help but wonder what type of leader she’ll be.

We also know that the haze of Ross and Sullivan’s relationship will lift when she faces whatever ramifications may come for her career-wise because of it.

For so long, it has felt like Ross has had to choose between Sullivan and her job. She’s decided she can have both, but nothing is ever that simple.

But while her love life is thriving, we know Vic and Theo are the opposite, and we also know that Theo is still behaving like a jerk.

The Traitors: Sanctimony, Arrogance & Double Standards; Why the Gamers are NOT the Main Characters

Can we throw the whole Theo away? It’s gotten so old!

The most joy to come from the season premiere may be from Maya and Carina.

The synopsis teases that they’ll be choosing something, but what?

The easy answer is that it’ll revolve around their desire to start a family.

But the series never takes the most forward approach to these things, so it wouldn’t be surprising if their decision is different than fans expect.

We’ve been waiting for any more forward movement with Carina becoming pregnant. But maybe their choice will revolve around some form of adoption or even the decision not to have a family at all anymore.

We can at least be content knowing that whatever that choice is, it probably makes them happiest.

Maya and Carina are the most visibly positive, happiest, and loving of all the photos from the premiere. It’s promising how healthy and happy they are in their relationship after experiencing a rough patch.

Over to you, Station 19 Fanatics. How are you feeling about the series’ return, possibly for the last time? What do you hope to see in the premiere? Let’s hear it below!

Station 19 returns on March 14 at 10/9c on ABC. You can stream the following day on Hulu.

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