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Hero Complex Gallery has revealed some awesome collectible poster art for director George Miller’s 1985 action film Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome. There are two prints and both of them were wonderfully created by Casey Callender. This is some great art!

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is the third installment in the Mad Max franchise. The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and follows the titular character, Max Rockatansky, portrayed by Mel Gibson, as he navigates the challenges of a desert wasteland. After being robbed of his belongings, Max finds his way to Bartertown, a community powered by methane gas derived from pig waste, ruled by the iron-fisted Aunty Entity, played by Tina Turner.

Max becomes embroiled in the town’s politics and is forced to fight in the Thunderdome, a gladiatorial arena where conflicts are resolved. The film’s narrative evolves as Max is exiled into the desert, where he encounters a tribe of lost children, leading to a series of events that prompt him to return to Bartertown for a final confrontation.

The posters are limited to only 250 and if you want a 24×36 print, it’ll cost you $75. The first is the Bartertown Variant and the second is the Tomorrow-Morrow Land Variant.

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