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That Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket might be one of the craziest popcorn buckets ever created. I’m kinda surprised that they actually pushed that monstrosity out! It got a lot of attention on social media, though! Maybe that’s what they were hoping for.

Anyway, Adam Savage got the popcorn bucket and then transformed it into something incredibly cool! You can watch the transformation process in the video from Tested below. It came with the following note:

Adam Savage takes apart the infamous Dune 2 Sandworm popcorn bucket and gives it a makeover, converting it into an Arrakis-inspired diorama complete with Ornithopter and tiny z-scale Paul Atreides! Even the sand used in the build has some special moviemaking lineage. And yes, the diorama still works as a popcorn dispenser!

Did any of you end up buying the Sandworm popcorn bucket?

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