Wizard With a Gun: 5 Powerful Picks from the New Bounty of Guns Update

Hello Xbox fans! Our co-op sandbox survival game Wizard With a Gun unloads an expanded arsenal of new content today in Bounty of Guns, our newest free update! There’s a crate-load of fresh, awesome stuff in Bounty of Guns, including new enemies, events and fashionable furniture for your refuge in the Tower, but, as the name suggests, there’s one new feature in particular that wizards who love weapons will really get a kick out of.

Lucrative new Bounties offer you the chance to gain special rewards from an assortment of more than 50 firearms, and we’ve picked out five of our favourites to help kickstart your collection.

Fidrow Cultbuster

Favoured for its steady output, larger magazine size, and stronger bullets, the Fidrow Cultbuster is a great way to keep your enemies hiding behind cover. The Cultbuster has been banned on the plains after the Cult of Iron Massacre six years ago, but the contraband wand has found its way on the Shatter in the hands of those same cultists.

Odden’s Pointer

Odden Hammerite is a mechanist craftswoman from the eastern plains whose guns are recognizable from their brutalist designs. She’s a supplier of the Gladwell family, who value the added power the guns generate by charging up shots. Together, her line of guns is known as Odden’s Fist.


The Cult of Lead has developed numerous weapons to better spread poison and corruption. Vitriol is one of their most successful experimental weapons yet. Each shot adds an additional poison dose to its bullet, making it the ideal companion to lethal finisher spells!


Draco Scarpath is renowned for his extraordinarily powerful gunmancy. The downside to his obsidian-infused wands is that every shot drains the life from their wielder’s body. The more powerful the gun, the higher a toll it takes. Most wizards stay far away from his cursed weapons… except those who prize power above all else.


Since discovering the Infinite Well in the Tower, Orion has spent years trying to cleanse its poison. His idea for the Blightspreader came originally as a way to deliver antidotes faster than the Well’s rate of decay, but now his gun too has been corrupted. Orion has infused the minigun with the Well’s poison and wields it as a weapon against those who would attack Hilda and her Riders.

We hope you enjoy racking up Bounties, getting to grips with your new toys, and putting your Gun Racks to good use. Good luck, gunslingers! You’re gonna need it…

Wizard With a Gun is out now for Xbox Series X|S. The Bounty of Guns update arrives for free today.

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