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That brings us to Season 3. This season is filled with a lot more than just cool cosmetics. New monsters have been added, new encounters, and some serious surprises. We also get a new location and new modules to spice up and shake up the gameplay. Lastly, the biggest addition to the game are the four β variant exosuits. While more would be great, leveling up and getting to know four new variants is fun enough for now.

The season also brings Monster Hunter into the mix. A lot of the cosmetics in this season are based around Monster Hunter, which can be wild and odd, almost to the point of not fitting in thematically. However, the skins are well designed and worth the season pass price. Also, one of the most iconic monsters, Rathalos, appears in the game and is a thrill to fight.

While this game might not have much variety when it comes to gameplay, the progression system is rewarding and deep enough to keep players engaged. Season 3 is a great time to hop in and enjoy a wonderfully incorporated crossover with a bunch of new content including new enemies, new exosuits, and new ways to play.

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