This ultrawide dream is possible and feels so good too because of its curved style. I was never that impressed with curved TVs or monitors before, but I think it was because they were barely wider than normal screens that sat farther away from me. However, being up close to a very wide and perfectly curved screen is fantastic. I can see corner to corner with no issues and little work from my eyes. This curve is probably the thing that raises the price, but if you are ready to make that kind of an investment, then it can be totally worth it.

Let’s talk about that elephant in the room, high prices for a curve and wider screen. Monoprice is known for its competitive pricing compared to other outlets and brands, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t something to consider. While it is on a considerable sale right now, it still stands as a purchase that can rival a PC or modern gaming console. While I found it to be worth the price because of the quality and performance, this is quite a luxury and not a huge gaming experience improvement overall.

Overall, the Dark Matter 49in Curved Monitor is an incredible display that is sure to make anyone jealous. Even though the cost is relatively low, it performs just as well as any high end screen I’ve seen and can totally envelope you. It looks amazing, works extremely well, and comes at a fairly reasonable price, what more could you ask for?

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